Why trade with JustForex ?

JustForex popularity is growing.

With its regulated investment environment combined with advanced trading conditions such as high leverage and STP and ECN executions.

There are many bonus promotions and contests running for investors which support them to increase the amount of profit.

In this article, we will review each aspect of Just Forex’s service, but before that, let us point out the advantages of Just Forex and the reasons why traders are choosing Just Forex to trade Forex and CFDs.


Unlimited MT4 trading platform

Just Forex MT4 has no restrictions in terms of trading strategies. Just Forex is a STP broker which does not hedge traders’ orders to profit from traders’ losses.

Many Mooney Deposit and Withdrawal methods

To your FX trading with JustForex, you can transfer your investment fund in various methods including bank wire transfer, online wallets (e-wallets), and credit and debit cards.

Forex Copy Trading System

On Just Forex MT4, you can also copy profitable traders from professional traders. You are having trouble making profits? No worries, JustForex will help you to get started with the Forex Copy system.

A number of Bonus Promotions

JustForex is running so many bonus promotions and contests that you can’t just cover them all with one account. Check out their promotions to see which one suits your trading plan and can support you to make profits.

11 Different Account Types

Just Forex provides you 11 different account types. You can choose the most suitable account type for your strategy.

Negative Balance Protection (NBP)

Just Forex supports Negative Balance Protection. It auto-reset the balance to zero with insurance funds to protect investors from exceeded losses.

Secure and Instant Client Cabinet

Login to Just Forex client cabinet where you can perform activities to manage your accounts, deposits and participation to bonus promotions.Mobile Trading JustForex website, client cabinet and MT4 platforms are fully compatible with your smart phones. Are you using Android of iPhone? Then you can start trading Forex with JustForex EducationAll JustForex clients can benefit from their educaitonl materials, seminars, videos, webinars and also market analysis. Are you new to Forex? Then JustForex is happy to help you get started.

Just Forex has many advantages for its investors, and the above lists are only some of them.

For more information and benefits you can earn from JustForex, visit JustForex Official Website.

For the list and conditions of Just Forex all fund deposit and withdrawal methods, visit the page here.

Visit JustForex Official WebsiteHow to open JustForex FX Trading Account?


JustForex Broker Service Review

While there are many merits that you can earn by registering with JustForex, you may be wondering if Just Forex service is superior in terms of conditions and promotions then other brokers.

Let’s see each aspect of JustForex service by comparing them with other average Forex brokers.

1. JustForex Financial Regulation and License

Just Forex service is regulated and licensed by the International Financial Services Commission in Belize.

As a IFSC regulated Forex broker, JustForex provide services, in accordance with the requirements of International legislation regulating financial services.

The regulator, IFSC also requires the minimum capital of $500,000 from brokers, which ensures how JustForex is maintaining its company assets.

As a regulated and licensed broker, JustForex also fights with money laundering activities with KYC (Know Your Customer) and account validation procedures.

2. JustForex Liquidity Providers

Just Forex is a NDD (Non Dealing Desk) broker and only acts as a intermediary between investors and the liquidity providers.

Just Forex liquidity providers are BNP Paribas, Natixis, citibank and UBS.

All orders performed on JustForex MT4 are directly sent to these liquidity providers, meaning that JustForex does not hedge its investors’ orders.

This process makes sure that there is no conflict of interest between investors and Just Forex.

By integrating multiple liquidity providers’ feeds on one trading platform, JustForex can provide you with deep liquidity and fair trading environment.


3. Industry Awards for FX brokers

Over the years, Just Forex has won and received many industry awards.

Their awards include:

  • Best Affiliate Program – 2017 by ShowFX World
  • Best Forex Broker in MENA region – 2016 by ShowFX World
  • Fastest Growing Broker – 2015 by ShowFX World
  • Best Newcomer – 2015 by Forex Report

Since 2015, JustForex has been recognized by many institutions for their service.

You can see how JustForex is committed to provide the online trading service.

4. Fund Safety

To protect investors’ money, Just Forex takes 2 main fund safety measures.

To start with, the transferred funds to JustForex are all maintained in the segregated bank accounts.

The segregated bank account is completely separated from JustForex company assets, making sure to separate the money of investors and the company.


Just Forex

Another fund safety measure is the NBP (Negative Balance Protection) which protects investors from negative balances.

NBP gets triggered in case the account balance goes negative due to high volatility in the market.

In such case, NBP will fix the account to zero automatically. The negative amount is covered by JustForex.

5. Account Safety

Protecting your account is also important to protect your funds.

With Just Forex, you can manage your account activities, deposit, withdrawal of funds and also personal information in the secure client cabinet.

Just Forex client cabinet is protected with SSL certificate, a protocol that allows a safe communication between you and JustForex.

To limit others to access your account, you can also lock the IP address to yours.

By limiting the IP address to access the client cabinet, you can improve protection.

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6. 6 STP Account Types

With Just Forex, you can choose from 6 different STP account types.STP stands for Straight Through Processing, meaning that JustForex sends all orders directly to liquidity providers as JustForex acts only as a broker with NDD (Non Dealing Desk).

The available STP account types are Standard, Swap Free, No Spread, Micro Cent, Profi STP and Crypto.

Depending on the financial markets you like to trade, the preferable trading volume and strategy, you can choose a different account type.

Each account has different advantage, and you can also open and use multiple trading accounts of JustForex at the same time.

For the comparison of JustForex all STP account types,

7. 5 ECN Account Types

If you prefer ECN trading environment, then you can choose from 5 different account types with JustForex.

JustForex ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology is capable of integrating multiple price feeds from liquidity providers, thus providing deeper liquidity pool to investors.

With Just Forex ECN accounts, you can benefit from faster execution, tighter spread and lower possibility of slippage.

For the comparison of JustForex all ECN account types,


8. Fund Deposit and Withdrawal with zero fee

With Just Forex, you do not pay any fees for opening account, downloading MT4 trading platforms and transfer your investment fund.

Not only Just Forex does not charge any fees for fund deposit and withdrawal, they also cover certain fees for such processes.

There are various methods that you can transfer your funds to JustForex.

Stating with bank wire transfer, credit and debit card and online wallets (e-wallets), Just Forex has also prepared local transfers for some countries.

As an international Forex broker, Just Forex also allows its investors to choose from different account base currencies.

With Just Forex, you can open FX account with your local currency and transfer funds without any fees charged.

For the list and conditions of all fund deposit and withdrawal methods for JustForex MT4 accounts,

9. Over 400 financial markets

By opening one trading account with Just Forex, you can access to over 400 financial markets at once.

No need to open multiple accounts to trade symbols from different markets.

With JustForex, you can trade Forex currency pairs, Cryptocurrencies, Gold, Precious Metals, Oils, Stocks and Stock Indices.

Diversifying your portfolio is easy with Just Forex, and more over, you can make profit from both rising and falling market prices with JustForex.

On any account types of Just Forex, the number of trading opportunities is countless.


10. Forex Copy System

Are you struggling to make profits in the Forex market, or are you looking for FX trading signals to copy from?

Just Forex has in-house Forex copy trading system that can benefit both signal providers and followers.

As a follower, you can copy trades from professional FX traders.

JustForex has a large community of traders who join this Forex Copy trading system.

Login to Just Forex client cabinet from the Official Website and get access to the platform directly.

Just Forex Forex copy trading system can be a great solution for you to start making profits in the Forex market.

Moreover, you can start using Just Forex Forex copy trading system from only $100 of minimum deposit amount.

11. MT4 trading software

Just Forex provides its traders with free MT4 trading platforms.

MT4 is the most popular trading software among Forex traders and brokers.

MT4 has many advanced technical indicators, order types, analytical tools and various chart types built-in.

You can download JustForex MT4 for various devices for free.

The compatible devices are Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet.

You can also access to Just Forex MT4 through web browsers without installing any software.

With Just Forex, you can trade over 400 financial markets anytime and anywhere.

12. Special Offers

Besides the bonus promotions, there is a number of special offers by JustForex.

JustForex special offers are Auto Reset Balance, No Fees On Deposit, Deposit Protection, Interest Rate on Equity, SF Bank and Membership Club.

Each offer has certain benefits for investors and you can join them all for free.

All special offers of JustForex are available for all traders of the broker regardless of the deposit size and nationality.

Did you already opened an account with JustForex?

Check out the special offers in JustForex Official Website too see how you can benefit more.


13. Bonus Promotions and Contests

Just Forex another attraction is their bonus promotions and trading contests.

There are so many bonus promotions and contests run by Just Forex that you may need to open several trading accounts to get them all.

The available bonus promotions are No Deposit Bonus, Dynamic Bonus, Easy Deposit Bonus, Welcome+ Bonus, 60% Energy Bonus and 202% Hot Bonus.

The available trading contests are Gold Rush, Bitcoin Mania and Gallery of Glory.