Tradersway is an unregulated offshore forex broker that will appeal to the trader looking for a large choice of cryptocurrency deposit methods such as Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin. See our Trader’s way review of this ECN broker for trading.

Tradersway – Strengths and Weaknesses

Tradersway review to assess whether this unregulated broker is legit or not and worth using

Tradersway Major Strengths

  1. Choice Of Trading Accounts – Variable And ECN Spreads
  2. Most Popular Trading Platforms – MetaTrader 4 and 5, cTrader
  3. Low Minimum Deposits – Open an Account with $10
  4. Highest Level of Leverage – Trade With 1:1000
  5. Large And Unique Range of Funding Methods
  6. Regular Promotions – 100% Deposit Bonus

Tradersway Weaknesses

  1. Poor Spreads – Wide Spreads Mean Higher Costs
  2. Not a Tier-1 Regulated Broker – Questions of Trust
  3. High Leverage – Risk of Big Losses In A Hurry
  4. Questionable Reputation – Online Feedback Is Poor
  5. Limited Choice of CFDs  – Range Of Markets For Trade Is Small

Strength 1 – Choice Of Trading Accounts – Variable And ECN Spreads

One of the appeals of Trader’s Way is they have an account to suit all types of traders. Not too many brokers offer the clients a choice of each of the 2 types of trading spreads. Spread-only variable spreads (commission-free) and variable ECN pricing spreads.


This types of account are commonly called the “Standard Account” by other brokers. With this account, you get variable spreads with no commissions. In place of commission costs, Trader’s Way widens the spreads slightly so they can make a small profit on your trades. As this account has no commissions, it is popular with beginner traders who are looking for a more simple cost structure, as your costs are already included in the spread.
This type of account uses variable spreads, which means they are constantly changing depending on the liquidity for each currency pair. Spreads for EURUSD avg 1.4 pip, which is more than double the 0.5 pips MT4.ECN account offers.

When trading with this account, you must be using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform and you will not be able to trade Cryptocurrencies.


The ECN trading account types use ECN/STP/DMA trading (the broker appears to use these terms interchangeably) to give connect you directly with liquidity providers so you can achieve the lowest spreads Trader’s Way offers. To keep spreads tight, the broker charges a commission fee of USD$3.00 to open your position and $3.00 to close your position. However, at times promotions with reduced commissions are offered (see strength 7). The ECN style low spread account is popular with scalping, high volume and Robo-traders who will be looking to save on costs trading of large volumes can add up significantly.

With these accounts, you can choose MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 or cTrader platforms and you can trade cryptocurrencies with the MetaTrader accounts.

Trader’s Way trading conditions

Tradersway uses a no dealing desk (NDD) trading model with STP, DMA and ECN trading execution. This model gives traders the opportunity to be linked with various liquidity providers to get the best spreads. As Trader’s Way is not a market maker, they are not your counterparty and do not own any liquidity.

While Straight Through Provider (STP), Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and Direct Market Access (DMA) are similar but different trading execution concepts, Trader’s Way appear to be using these terms interchangeably so it is not clear exactly which execution is being used. Nevertheless, each method connects traders with liquidity providers with no human intervention.

Conclusion Choice Of Trading Accounts:

With Tradersway’s choices of trading accounts, forex traders will have the option to pick the best trading account that suits their trading style.

Trader’s Way Tradersway offer 3 of the most popular trading platforms found in the marketplace, giving forex traders the option to choose which platform they’d like to trade on.

MetaTrader 4 And MetaTrader 5

Trader’s Way offers MetaTrader 4 (MT4) with the MT4.Fix, MT4.Var, MT4.ECN accounts and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) with MT5.ECN accounts. If choosing MT4.Fix or MT4.Var, you will not be able to trade cryptocurrencies.

Released in 2005, MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading platform worldwide. The trading platform is exceptionally popular with beginner traders (but also advanced traders) and those that only wish to trade forex for the following reasons:

  • An easy-to-use platform as it offers all the essential tools needed for successful trading with sufficient advanced tools without going overboard
  • Offers a clean and uncluttered trading interface so you can see and execute all the trading information you need without information overload
  • It is one of the most trusted platforms due to the fact it is one of the oldest and most developed platforms
  • It has the largest community of all platforms, which means you can find the support when you need it
  • It has one of the largest marketplaces which allows you to choose from a wealth of real-time signals and advisors
  • It uses 32-bit processing so is less resource intensive, which suits retail traders who may not have the resources to take advantage of 64-bit systems
  • It is specially designed for decentralised trading such as forex, which has no central exchange
  • Availability across several devices (desktop, browser and mobile Apps (iOS and Android))
  • Free VPS hosting service with pre-installed MT4 software

MetaTrader 5 was released in 2010 and is designed to offer a more comprehensive and powerful platform for trading across multiple assets. Despite being a superior platform than MT4, it is not yet as popular however there are good reasons traders should consider MT5 over MT4 platform.

  • MetaQuotes have announced support and development of MT4 will be reduced going forward so it makes sense to start learning MT5 now rather than in future
  • More brokers will begin to offer MT5 in the future, giving you more options when choosing suitable brokers
  • Access to a greater choice of CFDs such as shares, which require trading through a central exchange
  • MT5 offers all the features MT4 platform offers and more.
  • 64-bit processing means faster, more reliable processing. Faster processing helps reduce the risk of slippage.

Regardless if you choose MT4 or MT5, you will be getting access to excellent platforms that offer all the features one needs to trade.

Below is a head-to-head comparison of the features of the platform:

Both platforms offer automated trading through Expert Advisors. While MT4 uses an order system, MT5 uses a positional system which can make automation with MT5 easier.

Looking at the comparisons, the main difference to note is that MT5 offers everything MT4 does and more:

  • MT5 offers more technical indicators which allow you to analyse past movements and anticipate future trends using annual reports and economic data. Indicators are useful as they help you identify future trading opportunities. MT5 offers 38 of these tools, increased from 33 on MT4.
  • Analytical tools offer a quantitative analysis, which means decisions can be made on pure data without the influence of emotion. MT5 offer 44 of these tools compared to 33 on MT4.
  • Timeframes are very useful tools, as currency pairs are constantly changing due to the sheer liquidity in the market. While basic timeframes such as weekly, daily, 4 hour and hourly will suffice for most traders, MT5 really allows traders to dig deep and isolate trends on micro-scale with greater 21 timeframe choices.


ctrader logo 1

cTrader is one of the most popular trading platforms among traders. The software offers a variety of charting tools with advanced order types, and most importantly, fast entry and execution of orders. It has a very user-friendly interface where it is connected to a back-end technology, with the software available on multiple devices.

What makes cTrader outperform both MT4/5 is that it has a modern design, advanced ordering plus market depth options (not found on MT4). Additionally, it offers cAlgo, allowing you to develop your trading software (cBots) or create your own indicators.

Additional Software Tools

Trader’s Way offers social trading tools which can help your trading experience. Social trading is especially popular with beginner traders as they allow you to learn from and copy other successful traders, meaning there is no need to learn to forex trade yourself.


This social and auto trading platform offers a wealth of statistical and financial features in order to provide comprehensive analytical tools so users can get a detailed analysis of the trading systems they are using and statements. By providing a deep analysis of the trader’s statements, trading activities can be improvised.

MyFxBook AutoTrade

Myfxbook’s AutoTrade copy trading system allows you to copy from a large choice of systems directly into your MetaTrader trading account. This makes social copying simple and easy, as you can access all the analytical tools MyFxBook offers which can be used to find the system that you plan to copy based on your desired criteria.

A strength of Myfxbook’s is that it uses algorithms to eliminate poor-performing signals and prioritise only the best performing signals.

MT4 Trading Signals

MT4 Signals is MetaTrader’s built-in solution for social trading. As this product is part of the trading platform, all you need to do is choose a signal provider and subscribe to their signals. Once subscribed, you can set up your filters so automatically copy the signals provider.

One of the benefits of choosing the MetaTrader social trading solution is the large community MetaTrader offers. This means you can choose from an infinite number of signals to follow, thus increasing the chances of finding someone that trades in a style that suits you.

Rating Broker By Platforms

We like Tradersway platform offering. They offer three of 3 most popular generally available platforms on the market and a few social trading tools to further enhance your trading experience. If you’re looking for even more tools, then Pepperstone or IC Markets are good options. If you’re looking for a specialist platform with risk management features, then easyMarkets may appeal.Platforms Offered By Broker

Every forex trader prefers a specified trading platform. Tradersway offers the most popular platforms which facilitate trading and analysis. In forex trading, MT4 is still the most used platform among traders since its release in 2005.

Strength 3 – Low Minimum Deposit – Open Accounts With $10

Most forex brokers require a minimum deposit of $200 to open a live account. Tradersway allows you to start trading with as little as $10.

While you will definitely benefit by investing larger amounts when trading as this presents more opportunities for greater returns, in some circumstances, traders may wish to open an account with minimal amounts. Reasons could include:

  • The trader wishes to practice trading with a minimum amount. While a better option to this would be a demo account, some trader may prefer to use a small amount of their own money.
  • You want to trade in nano or mini lots. While it can be hard to get big profits trading with very small amounts, leverage of 1:1000 can help you increase your profits.
  • You need to open an account before you can transfer funds to use for trading

Although Trader’s Way has low minimum deposits, it is worth noting the broker does encourage larger initial deposits through their bonus program. The table below compares the minimum deposits with other notable brokers. If you are a serious trader seeking greater earning potential, then you will end up depositing larger amounts of funds inevitably so there are brokers with reasonably larger minimum deposits such as IC Markets should not be discounted. Saxo Markets have very high minimum deposits, as they are likely targeting semi-professional traders.

Brokers USD
Trader’s Way
$10 MT4.ECN
$100 MT5.ECN
IC Markets$200
Fusion Markets$200
CMC Markets$0
IG Group$300
Saxo Markets$10,000

By not requiring a minimum deposit, Tradersway is giving the chance for small retail traders and beginners to have the chance to be one of the participants in the financial market.

Strength 4 – Highest Level of Leverage – Trade With 1:1000

Tradersway allow leverage of up to 1:1000 for each of its MetaTrader accounts and 1:500 for its cTrader account. Trader’s Way uses tiered leverage with the maximum allowable leverage reduced the more you trade.

Less than 50,0001:1000Less than 50,0001:500
50,00- to 50,0001:50010,00- to 50,0001:200
50,000 to 60,0001:40050,000 and above1:100
60,000 to 70,0001:300
70,000 to 80,0001:200
80,000 to 100,0001:150
100,000 and above1:100

What High Leverage Means For Traders

Leverage of 1:1000 gives the trader the ability to borrow $1000 for each $1 deposited (in case the account is in US Dollars) when trading the forex market.

Using high leverage can assist traders to greatly increase the amounts of profit they can achieve while committing only a small amount of their own money. Should you trade with high leverage, be aware you can also increase your risks of large losses if the currency pairs moved against you.

With up to 1:1000 leverage available to its customers, Tradersway offer far more than a regulated broker will offer. ASIC allows brokers operating in Australia to offer up to 1:500, while financial authorities in Europe such as the FCA, CySEC and BaFIN allow 1:30 for major currency pairs and 20:1 for minor currency pairs.

Trader’s Way policy of reducing maximum leverage the more you trade can be seen as a somewhat sensible policy, as losses with large investments using 1:1000 can lead to crippling financial losses.Maximum Leverage Offered
While Trader’s Way offers more leverage than other brokers, most traders will find 500:1 is more than enough for their trading needs, and we generally don’t recommend trading with leverage higher than this.

Strength 5 – Large And Unique Range of Deposits

Tradersway gives its clients a wide range of payment types for deposits and withdrawals, including options not commonly found with most other brokers. Traders looking to fund their account anonymously may appreciate Vload, Abba, and Cryptocurrency options.

Credit Cards And Debit Cards Deposits And Withdrawals

Trader’s Way does not accept Credit or Debit Cards for funding, instead, they provide 3rd party platforms to facilitate payment with Visa, MasterCard and other bank cards. Tradersway does not charge any fees however the 3rd party provider will have fees as the back end.

  • Vload is a voucher system where one can transfer funds and then use a pin to place the vouchers funds into a Trader’s Way account. Withdrawals fees are 5.5%
  • Abba is a mobile platform that will accept funds from Credit and Debit cards, BankWire and even Cryptocurrency from where one can transfer their funds to their Trader’s Way Account. Withdrawal fees with cards range from 4-8%

Cryptocurrency Deposits and Withdrawals

Funding with Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular due to the speed one can make deposits and withdrawals and the anonymity that these funding methods allow. With Cryptocurrency, traders don’t need to worry about funding red tape that may be associated with traditional methods.

Trader’s Way also accepts a large range of funding via Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies accepted include Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ripple, Ether, USD Coin, Tether and TrueUSD. You will need to purchase the coins via a Cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase and then transfer the coins to your Trader’s Way account.

While Trader’s Way does not charge any fees, the Cryptocurrency network will have their own charges, which usually apply when you make a withdrawal.

eWallets / Digital Wallets

If you prefer to fund your accounts via the web, then you have a range of options. These include Skrill, Perfect Money, FasaPay and NETELLER. Use of these services will incur charges from the provider.

Below is a summary of the available options provided by Tradersway.

Credit/Debit Cards via VLoad1. Cash voucher system for online payments
2. Only EUR And USD
3. Min/Max Withdrawal 100/5000 per transaction
5. 5% fee from Vload
Wire Transfer
Bank Transfer (Abra)1. Deposits can be made with 
A. bank transfer (0-0.25% fee)
B. Credit/Debit Cards (4-8% fee)
C. BTC, BCH,LTC (Cryptocurrency network fees)
Cryptocurrency Options
Bitcoin1. No Min/Max Transactions
2. No commissions for deposits 
3. Bitcoin network charges fees to withdrawal
Ether1. No Min/Max Transactions
2. No commissions for deposits 
3. Bitcoin network charges fees to withdrawal
Litecoin1. No Min/Max Transactions
2. No commissions for deposits 
3. Bitcoin network charges fees to withdrawal
Ripple1. No Min/Max Transactions
2. 20 XRP fee for deposits lower than 1000 XRP
3. Rippled network fees to Withdrawl
USD Coin (USDC)1. No Min/Max Transactions
2. No commissions for deposits 
3. Bitcoin network charges fees to withdrawal
Tether (USDT)1. USDT only accepted on Ethereum network (ERC20 protocol) not Omni version
1. No Min/Max Transactions
2. No commissions for deposits 
3. Bitcoin network charges fees to withdrawal
TrueUSD (TUSD)1. No Min/Max Transactions
2. No commissions for deposits 
3. Bitcoin network charges fees to withdrawal
Digital Wallets, eWallets
Skrill1. Minimum $10 for Withdrawals
2. 1.9% fee for deposits
3. 1% fee for withdrawals
NETELLER1. 1% fee for withdrawals
Perfect Money1. 1% fee for withdrawals
FasaPay1. 2.9% fee for deposits
2. No withdrawal fees

Strength 6 – Regular Promotions – 100% Deposit Bonus

Tradersway is generous when it comes to bonuses. This forex broker offers a 100% bonus credit on your initial deposit to use for trading. That means you have double the funds available for trading.

Weakness 1 – Poor Spreads – Wide Spreads Mean Higher Costs

Our review of Tradersway’s spreads by our analysts shows that they are quite wide when compared to similar brokers. Wider spreads mean higher costs. Scalpers especially will want to trade with a broker with tight spreads due to the high volume of trades they will perform.

Tradersway charges an average spread of 0.5 pips for EUR/USD (ECN accounts) which means each time you open and close a trade you will pay USD$5. With a cost of $10 in total to exit your position, this can be expensive when trading with many lots.

Our table below shows how Trader’s Way spreads compare with other brokers.

No Commission Spreads

Trader’s Way has an average of 0.5 pips EURUSD for commission spreads. This contrasts with some other brokers like Pepperstone and IC Markets who average around 0.1 pips. To open and close with Trader’s Way you will pay $10 on average while to open and close Pepperstone and IC Markets you could pay as little as 0.20 pips on average, equating to $2.00. This means you will save $8.00 for each standard lot you trade. If you are trading with high leverage, regularly this cost difference can be significant.

IC Markets Spreads Logo0.100.400.400.300.20
FP Markets Spreads0.100.400.601.500.20
Pepperstone Spreads Logo0.090.590.361.000.17
GO Markets Logo0.200.500.401.500.20
London Capital Group0.200.600.5010.000.40
Admiral Markets Logo0.100.600.601.300.50
FXTM CFD Logo SA0.300.500.503.000.50

Data taken from broker website. Accurate as at 04/02/2021

Standard Spreads

Standard account spreads have no commission, so are wider than ECN pricing account. Tradersway spreads are high compared to other brokers with similar trading conditions. Many brokers ECN pricing brokers add a flat 1.0 pip to the commission spreads for all currency pairs. While it appears they add less for EUR/USD with 0.9 pips, it is noted they can add more than 1 pip for other currency pairs. AUS/USD appears to have 1.8 pips added, while EUR/GBP has around 1.9 pips added. This is very high.

City Index UK Logo 10.800.902.801.702.30
IG Standard Account0.860.741.621.191.76
XTB Spreads Logo0.701.303.001.301.40
Saxo Markets Logo USA logo 11.201.502.202.202.50
icmarkets logo
Oanda USA No Minimum Deposit
FP Markets Spreads1.201.301.701.701.50

Data taken from broker website. Accurate as at 04/02/2021

Weakness 2 – Not A Regulated Broker – Questions of Trust

Tradersway is not a regulated broker. Many traders would rightfully consider this to be a big red flag when choosing a broker. A good broker will be licenced by a tier-1 regulator for the country or region you are trading in such as ASIC for Australia, BaFIN, CySec or FCA for Europe or MAS for Singapore.

Instead, Tradersway is headquartered 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, The Commonwealth of Dominica 00152, which is considered a high-risk jurisdiction.

Acquiring these licenses show that the forex broker is doing a transparent job, protecting its clients, and operating their business with integrity. These give trader peace of mind that their investments are safe with the broker. Trust is one of the main factors that a broker should consider to attract investors and clients.

Why Lack Of Regulation Is A Concern

  1. Your funds may not be in a segregated bank account, preferably with a tier-1 bank. This, in theory, means brokers can access your funds, which is a concern.
  2. The broker maintains only a minimum operating capital. This is a concern, as the business could go insolvent without warning.
  3. The broker does not have a complaints process – there may be no recourse to take action in event of a grievance
  4. There is no Product Disclosure Statement, which means clients will not know what they are getting with their products
  5. The broker’s financial records are not being monitored, which could place the business finances are risk
  6. No local offices available: In the case of Trader’s Way, their head office is the commonwealth of Dominica – which makes you vulnerable if issues do occur.
Handshake Icon - Build Trust Logo Png, Transparent Png ...

Weakness 3 – High Leverage – Risk of Big Losses In A Hurry

Tradersway offers high leverage accounts, while this is a strength, it is also a weakness. High leverage can certainly lead to large profits with little investment of traders’ capital, it is a double-edged sword. Should currency pairs move in an unfavourable direction, traders risk large losses with their trades. With a leverage of up to 1:000 these losses can be much larger than traders may anticipate.

It is a good strategy to start with a demo account until you learn how to trade with leverage. Only when you have gained confidence, should you consider opening a live account. Leverage instruments are risky, so trading with caution is always advised.

Blow account new

Weakness 4 – Questionable Reputation – Online Feedback Is Poor

Before signing with a broker, it is a smart idea to research the broker’s reputation online. Our analysts noticed that Tradersway has generally poor online reviews, which can be a concern. gives Trader’s Way a rating of 2.5/5 which is a score most would consider poor. 50% of reviews gave a score of “Bad”.

Common comments found in TrustPilot reviews include “They stole my money”, “Stay away from this UNREGULATED scam broker” and “they can’t be trusted, run far away”. Complaints seem to revolve around the broker overcharging with swap fees (they say they can’t control swaps fees as this is decided by the liquidity providers, however, this could reflect the quality of the liquidity providers the broker is using) and the broker stealing clients money (possible given the broker is not regulated though hard to prove). Only the Islamic trading accounts don’t charge swap fees.

Not all reviews, however, are negative with other headings more effusive such as “Good Forex Broker” and “Extremely good and impressive broker” with some praise for their spread prices and payment options. For any inquiries, we encourage you to contact customer support directly on the broker’s main page – run by TW Corp.

Online Feedback – Siang Selatan Sdn Bhd

Weakness 5 – Limited Choice of CFDs  – Range Of Markets For Trade Is Small

Tradersway doesn’t offer a large choice of CFDs for trade. This is fine if you only want to trade Forex, but if you like to trade with other financial instruments, then you may prefer a different broker.

The broker’s strength is the range of cryptocurrencies they offer with leverage of 1:20. Despite the impressive range of cryptocurrencies available for the trade, the range of markets overall is very limited. Popular precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium And Copper are not available while natural gas energies is not an option. The broker offers no soft commodities such as rice, coffee, sugar nor other commonly traded CFDs such as Indices, Bonds, Stocks CFD, ETFs.

Spreads of CFDs on cryptocurrencies are relatively cheap when compared to other well-known brokers. Bitcoin (BTC) spreads with Trader’s Way, for example, is $6.1 which is cheaper than $10 per lot with a broker such as Pepperstone.

Depending on your trading requirements, Trader’s Way’s limited range of products may mean this broker is not the best choice for you, as it narrows your trading opportunities. Therefore, you may prefer to open an account with a broker that offers a wide range of financial instruments.

Final Thoughts On Trader’s Way:

Tradersway has many strengths and weaknesses as shown in our review. We find it hard to get past the fact this is not a regulated broker and would never recommend a broker with no regulation, and we also don’t like the spreads as we feel you can find a better value with other brokers.

However, Tradersway has some benefits like 1:1000 leverage and no minimum deposit amount, and many traders may like the ability to pay with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Meaning faster funds transfer with anonymity, something very few brokers can offer. You can compare Trader’s Way to Hugo’s Way (Their main competitors).


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