IC Markets Rebates – 0.3pip reduction Standard, $1.50 discount Raw spread, cTrader 8% Discount

IC Markets Rebates and Commission Discounts


We offer the following IC Markets rebates and commission discounts:

Account TypeStandardRaw SpreadcTrader Raw Spread
Rebate rate0.3pips direct spread reduction$1.50 direct commission discount / 21.5% commission discount8% commission discount
Rebate optionDirect spread reductionDirect commission discountDirect commission discount
Original commission rateNo commission$7 per rt lot (USD7, AUD7, EUR5.50, GBP5, SGD9)$6 per rt lot ($6 of base ccy, i.e. EUR6 for EURUSD)
Commission after discountNo commission$5.5 per rt lot (USD5.5, AUD5.5, EUR4.3, GBP3.7, SGD7)$5.5 per rt lot ($5.5 of base ccy, ie EUR5.5 for EURUSD)
SpreadsFrom 1.0pipsFrom 0.0pipsFrom 0.0pips
Spreads after direct reductionFrom 0.7pipsFrom 0.0pipsFrom 0.0pips
Minimum Deposit$200$200$1000
Min trade size0.010.010.01
Min distance pending ordersNoneNoneNone
Scalping allowedYesYesYes
Hedging allowedYesYesYes
Islamic AccountsYesYesYes
Open account with above discount/spread reductionClick this link to open a Standard/ Raw Spread/ cTrader Raw live account with the above discount/spread reduction.Select ‘Standard/ Raw Spread/ cTrader’ account when opening a live accountInput our partner ID ‘49727’, and answer YES, when asked “Were you referred by an Introducing Broker?” and the above discount/spread reduction will be automatically applied to your account.

f you have an existing account and want to receive the commission discount, please email [email protected] with your account number and request a transfer to IB number 49727.

  • In your email, include a request for them to apply a $1.50 commission discount (8% discount for cTrader) to your account
  • They will reply once this is completed, and you can start enjoying the discount!

Your spreads and trading conditions remain exactly the same – There is no spread mark up to provide you this service.

The IC Markets account is useful if you are a scalper, because they offer the best spreads overall in the industry. Other brokers don’t have such good spreads


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this commission discount/rebate service 100% legitimate?
    1. Yes, Best4xBrokers is an introducing broker (IB) of all brokers listed on our website, and our role is to introduce new clients to them. We do this by giving back to you part of our referral fee the directly to you in the form of a commission discount.
  • Is your service free?
    1. Absolutely. You do not pay a single cent, and you are not at a disadvantage because we don’t mark up your spreads
  • Do you mark up my spreads?
    1. No! We will never do that. Honesty and Integrity is a big part of Best4xBrokers and we will not do anything to put our clients at a disadvantage. It would also be disadvantageous for us to do that because we would earn a bad reputation for ourselves and future clients would not come to us
  • How do I sign up for the rebates or commission discount? 
    1. Click on the link above to sign up
    2. I am always available at Contact US or live chat via instant facebook message to assist. You will be speaking with me, Linton
  • If I sign up with you, will you have access to my trading account and trade information?
    1. No. Absolutely not. Only you have access to such information. We only receive compensation for referring you.
  • Does it matter if my trades are profitable or not?
    1. You will receive a commission discount/rebate no matter whether your trades are profitable or not. There is no disadvantage to you.

Questions about IC Markets Rebates?

Contact us through our contact page

See the commission discount in action!

After the discount (approximately 22.2% discount)

For SGD accounts, IC Markets charges 9 SGD (7 USD) per lot before discount, after discount, 7 SGD (5.5 USD), a 22% discount, or a $1.50 commission discount.

What to expect when opening an IC Markets account? (4 steps)

1. Personal Details

Once you click the account opening link (in blue) above, it will send you to IC market’s webpage. Go ahead and open your account there. Fill out your personal details.

2. More about you

Please fill out your date of birth, address and leave 49727 as your ‘refer ID’ as you will need it to get the commission discount.

3. Account Configuration

Select your trading platform (cTrader, MT4 or MT5) and account type.(Raw or Standard) Finally, select your account’s currency.

4. Declaration

Please declare your trading experience and accept the terms and conditions. You will then be asked to upload your proof of address and identity. Once uploaded, your account will be opened within 24 hours with the commission discount automatically applied.

What to expect (if you have an existing account): Email [email protected] and request a transfer of your account to our IB number49727 In your email, include a request to apply a $1.50 commission discount (or 8% for cTrader) to your account. They will reply once it is completed. Once this is done, the discount applied to your account and you can start enjoying it!

  • We are always available to assist with the account opening or account transfer through live chat via facebook message or email [email protected]. You will be speaking with Linton
  • Don’t wait! The faster you sign up, the more you save!

Live spread comparison

Currency pairs and CFDs

They have an extremely wide selection of instruments – A total of 77 currency pairs and CFDs, including index futures (SPX, DOW, Hang Seng, Nikkei, ASX) and commodities (WTI, Brent, Gold).

Stop level, leverage and min trade size

They have zero stop level and offer 500:1 leverage with 0.01 min trade size.

Trade server location & Execution speed from VPS

IC Markets Rebates

Their trading servers are located at NY4 (New York) and co-location is possible from a New York based VPS from 

CNS (Commercial Network Services) or Beeks.

Both are located within the same data centre as IC Market’s trading servers and have direct cross connects to it.

Ping latency from a New York based VPS for CNS and Beeks is <1ms* — Execution speed from New York Beeks Gold VPS (below) is: ~4ms

VPS sponsorship

IC Markets will sponsor your CNS or Beeks VPS if you trade a minimum of 15 Traded Lots in a month. You can read a review about Commercial Network Services and Beeks VPS here.