Lux Algo is a website offering advanced trading tools via Discord and TradingView. It claims to be the top vendor of trading tools and that more than 15,000 traders have placed their trust in it. It is mentioned that these tools allow you to accurately detect market activity, so you don’t need any other indicators while placing your trades.

There are three different pricing packages for Lux Algo, namely Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. These can be purchased for $67.99, $143.97 and $489.99 respectively. The last two plans are offered at discounted prices and you cancel your subscription anytime. Refunds are allowed within a 14-day period, in case the system does not work for the user.

Lux Algo Trading Strategy

After choosing a membership plan, users are given access to 3 advanced indicators that you can use with your TradingView account. There is no need to upgrade your plan on the website in order to use these indicators, since they are supported on the free plan as well. You also receive instructions via email and a link via which you can enter the VIP section of the Discord server where community experience is shared, optimization ideas are provided, and automated trading signals are supplied. 

You can use it with different timeframes like 1W, 1D, 4H, 1H, 30m, 5m, and 1m. The toolkits available on the website can be used for trading in options, swing trading, as well as scalping. These tools can be customized by the user to suit their trading style. For new traders, guides and tutorials are available and they can launch their trading career by studying them.

The Lux Volatility indicator is another indicator available with this system. This allows for easy interpretation of volatility. You can even choose different color and display modes for this indicator.

Lux Algo Features

Lux Algo offers automated alerts, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on trading opportunities. Free lifetime updates are provided for all users and the support team remains active 24/7 to provide you assistance. The alerts are delivered in real-time and none of the signals are repainted. The vendor maintains a VIP Discord Group where callouts and scanners are supplied. 


Lux Algo Backtesting Results

Unfortunately, backtesting results are not available for Lux Algo. This is not unexpected however, since it is not a trading system per se. Since it is just a provider of quality trading tools, a backtest is hardly required. That being said, we would have liked to see some instances where users have had success with the trading tools offered by the website.

Lux Algo Live Trading Results

The live trading results for Lux Algo are not available on the official website. Although it is a website offering trading tools and indicators, we were hoping to find some live trading results from a verified source. Although the vendor has provided a 24/7 live demo on the website, there is no way we can confirm the authenticity of the same.

 The absence of live trading results comes as a major disappointment. There is no way we can determine how efficiently and consistently the indicators of Lux Algo earn profits in the live market. 

Lux Algo Reputation


The team consists of co-founders Sean Mack and Alexander Friend, lead developer Alex Pierrefeu, and account manager Matthew O’Hagan. Sean Mack, a Boston-based entrepreneur, has experience in commodity trading and technical analysis. Alexander Friend has a Computer Science background and is based in London, while Alex Pierrefeu, a well-known personality in the TradingView community, is based in Andalusia, Spain. There is no record of the company developing other systems in the past. 

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 Lux Algo
Lux Algo

On the Trustpilot website, we came across several user reviews for Lux Algo. One user has mentioned that the team keeps adding new functionalities to the tools. They have also stated that the system helps them pick better entries and allows them to make better trading decisions.

Lux Algo Review Summary

  • Strategy – 8/10
  • Functionality and Features – 7/10
  • Trading Results – 3/10
  • Reliability – 7/10
  • Pricing – 5/10

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